Role of a VA in a Tree Service Company

The internet has converted the world into a global village so that anyone with an internet connection is able to reach out to someone else wherever they are in the world. This has also led to a rise in online jobs which pay
enough for people to make a living from them. These are jobs that require you to work on the internet from any location you prefer without the need to show up physically. For example someone in Asia can work for a company in North America. The jobs are also diverse, ranging from writing to data entry and even virtual assistants.

Who Is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant, commonly abbreviated as VA, is someone who takes on administrative tasks for a business or a company remotely. A virtual assistant works over the internet and does not need to show up in the office. This is beneficial for those who like to work out of home,
especially if they have circumstances that force them to stay at home. These special situations could be an ailing family member, a personal ailment or even toddlers or children who do not have any other caretaker to allow the parent to go to work. For companies that hire virtual
assistants, they are able to enjoy lower overhead costs as they do not need to spend on office space, furniture, computers or anything else for this virtual assistant. This is even better for businesses that actually do not have a physical location they call an office.

Virtual Assistant Tasks
Aside from the usual administrative duties such as sending emails and booking appointments, virtual assistants are tasked with a lot more. You can get a virtual assistant who is in your preferred field. It could be web development, content writing, photography or even marketing.

The virtual assistant would be tasking with executing the tasks that are in line with your profession and expertise. Some of the tasks for a tree removal company or actually any company would be:

 Organizing and sitting in on conference calls
 Editing photographs and videos
 Web development assistance
 Marketing a product or service
 Evaluating timesheets
 Processing payroll

Each of these services is industry-related. General administrative tasks can be performed by anyone but the more specialized tasks such as web development would be best for someone who has training in the area. Here is an example of a tree service youtube video a virtual assistant created.

How Much Is a Virtual Assistant Paid?

Virtual assistant payments vary depending on whether one is a beginner, novice or expert. They also depend on the amount a business or company has to spend. Virtual assistants are paid on an hourly basis at about $15 on the lower side and up to $5 on the higher side. These are market averages and not the exact amount that one is to expect if they become a virtual
assistant. For an employee to work in a dentist office say like, it will obviously be more.

Companies always feel that having a VA might cost then a considerable amount of money. The truth is that you end up saving about $18 an hour from all the other expenses you would have had to incur if the person was in the office.

What does it take To Become a Virtual Assistant?
Most virtual assistants have academic credentials in administrative or secretarial courses. These qualifications will give you an edge over other applicants. It signals the hiring company that you are able to perform these administrative tasks because you are trained. Having experience in a
physical office is also as beneficial as having virtual experience. It also signals to the hiring company that you can be trusted with the job since you already performed the same tasks for another company. Additionally, industry-specific virtual assistance can only be provided by
someone who has training in the specialized tasks.

However, without training or experience, you can still get a virtual assistant job. All you need to do is check in these online sites that provide a platform to employers as well as job seekers. A good example is Upwork. Create a profile and specify the skill as virtual assistant. You can then
start to bid for jobs that are in line with what you can do. The other option is to sign up with a website that specifically deals with virtual assistant services.

This helps you narrow down you search for clients as all who come to the site are looking for these services. It does, however,
increase your competition since every other job seeker on the platform is also in pursuit of a VA

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